Monday, February 26, 2018

FREE Strathmore workshops

Strathmore Workshops. Info for FREE workshops in 2018 HERE. First workshop begins March 5th and they are available from launch date until end of December 2018. 
This has already been added to my complete list of cheap and free online artful classes HEREYou can always find the complete list by clicking on the link top right side bar with date last updated. Please let me know if I've missed anything.

Sunday, February 25, 2018

#52stamps : Week 8

The challenge = to share at least one new stamp made by me weekly in 2018. 
A few weeks ago I was thinking about what I'd like as additional background stamps and I shared these 3 stamps that I made and use regularly
I made a larger border stamp and uneven crosses in week 4
and this week I was inspired to create another scribbly circle. It was so easy and fun that I immediately used it on the journal page I was working on ♥
I'm reminding myself that one new stamp is all I need to meet the challenge, but when it's as easy as that it's tempting to make another....
Maybe I'll try something a bit harder next week...or not! Have to wait and see what inspiration strikes. You can see all my posts about #52stamps HERE or you can join in on Instagram.

Saturday, February 24, 2018

Book of Days : One Line Portrait

I've been looking forward to this lesson ever since Effy shared her first one-line-portrait as part of a flip through of her moleskine daily planner.
It's a fun technique which allows you to create a wonky, whimsical portrait - the emphasis is on loosening up and enjoying the process. I began on a page in my altered art journal which already had some messy drippage from previous lessons and drew my one-line portrait. I used a Frixion pen which has an eraser but can also be removed by heat.
Then added watercolour in the form of Twinkling H2Os - my paper is just thick old book paper, but I lightly spritzed the page with water before I started and am happy with how the colours behaved.
It's so soft and pretty I'm going to try not to lose that as I add other details. In fact this was where I got to with pencils and pens and little else....I love her ♥
Then it was time to add words. I was very moved by Kelly Rae Roberts' recent Permission granted post which felt like it was written just for me...
I am grieving and I feel so grateful to have art as medicine, an escape, something to delight my spirit, to give me joy, to let me shine, to play, restore and rest. Isn't the glisten of the twinkling H2Os lovely?
I gave myself permission on this page to be real and to embrace the imperfection here {even when my black ink pad fell on the face and I had to take a bit of paint corrective action! sheesh}. 
You can sign up for this and other classes by Effy Wild HERE. See my Flickr album of all art work inspired by Effy's classes HERE
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